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Submit Informational Report to NGA

Select the type of report to submit from the Menu Options list above. Users can submit the following types of reports:

Anti-Shipping Activity Report (ASAM): Acts of piracy can be reported by completing the on-line form. Information supplied will be added to our ASAM database.

Arctic Maritime Safety Information (AMSI): Details about the AMSI database and instructions for reporting a maritime hazard within the Arctic area can be accessed from this page.

Marine Information Report and Suggestion Sheet: The on-line form can be used to submit: - Discrepancies noted on NGA nautical products. - New information that potentially affects NGA nautical products. - Suggestions for improving NGA nautical products.

Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU): Details about the installation, removal and relocation of drilling rigs can be reported by completing the on-line form. Information received will be used to update our MODU database.

US Navy Port Visit Reports: A Port Visit Report file can be submitted as an e-mail attachment to the address supplied by the hyperlink on this page.

Ship Hostile Action Report: Instructions for submitting a report of aggressive hostile actions by foreign militia are provided here.